Quaderni del Seminario Matematico: 1990

ISSN: 2039-120X

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[1/90] C. Giorgi [mail] and B. Lazzari [mail]
Uniqueness and stability in linear viscoelasticity: some counterexamples.

[2/90] J.M. Ghidaglia and A. Marzocchi [mail]
Long time behaviour of strongly damped wave equations, global attractors and their dimension.

[3/90] A. Quarteroni and A. Valli
Theory and application of Steklov-Poincaré operators for boundary-value problems.

[4/90] M.A. Pellegrini [mail]
F-sums: medial, permutable and LRD-near-rings.

[5/90] A. Quarteroni and E. Zampieri
A multilevel domain decomposition method for elliptic problems.

[6/90] F. Pasquarelli [mail]
Domain Decomposition for the Spectral Approximation to the Stokes Equations via Divergence Free Functions.

[7/90] D. Pavoni and A. Quarteroni
Numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations by domain decomposition methods.

[8/90] M.L. Bernardi, F. Luterotti [mail], and G.A. Pozzi
On some singular hyperbolic variational inequalities.

[9/90] C. Giorgi [mail] and A. Marzocchi [mail]
New variational principles in quasi-static viscoelasticity.

[10/90] A. Benini
Near-rings whose one-sided non nil ideals are gp-near-fields.

[11/90] L. Di Martino and M.C. Tamburini Bellani [mail]
Some remarks on the Degrees of faithful irreducible representations of a finite p-group, Geom. Dedicata 41 (1992), 155-164.

[12/90] J.M. Ghidaglia and A. Marzocchi [mail]
Exact decay estimates for solutions to semilinear parabolic equations.

[13/90] A. Benini and M.A. Pellegrini [mail]
Invariant series in universal algebras,‡-groups and near-rings.

[14/90] A. Braides
Reiterated homogenization of integral functionals.

[15/90] A. Frati, F. Pasquarelli [mail], and A. Quarteroni
Spectral approximation to advection-diffusion problems by the fictitious interface method.

[16/90] A. Quarteroni
An introduction to spectral methods for partial differential equations.

[17/90] A. Benini and M.A. Pellegrini [mail]
w-Jordan near-rings: I°.

[18/90] A. Marzocchi [mail]
Approximate Inertial Manifolds for Damped Korteweg-de Vries Equations.

[19/90] B. Bigolin and C. Perelli Cippo [mail]
Remarques sur les drapeaux integraux des systemes differentiels exterieurs (drapeaux caracteristique).

[20/90] S. Pianta [mail]
Projective embedding of fibered groups and the Suzuki groups, Ann. Discrete Math. 52 (1992), 463-469.

[21/90] A. Benini and M.A. Pellegrini [mail]
Near-rings with left and right self distributive multiplication.

[22/90] E. Giacomelli and A. Piccinelli
Sistemi esperti per problemi di marketing.


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