Quaderni del Seminario Matematico: 2008

ISSN: 2039-120X

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[01/2008] A. Pasotti [mail]
On equidistance graphs, Australas. J. Combin. 42 (2008), 229-240.

[02/2008] M. Buratti and A. Pasotti [mail]
On perfect $\Gamma$-decompositions of the complete graph, J. Combin. Des. 17 (2008), 197-209.

[03/2008] R.M. Colombo [mail], M.D. Rosini, and A. Swierczewska Gwiazda
On the Stability of Semilinear Semigroups with Respect to their Generators.

[04/2008] A. Benini and A. Pasotti [mail]
On the existence of elementary abelian cycle systems, Graphs Combin. 25 (2009), 1-14.

[05/2008] M.D. Rosini
Nonclassical Interactions Portrait in a Macroscopic Pedestrians Flow Model.

[06/2008] R.M. Colombo [mail] and M.D. Rosini
Existence of Nonclassical Solutions in a Pedestrian Flow Model.

[07/2008] E. Bonetti, G. Bonfanti [mail], and R. Rossi [mail]
Thermal effects in adhesive contact: modelling and analysis.

[08/2008] G. Bellettini [mail], V. Beorchia [mail], and M. Paolini [mail]
An explicit formula for a Bennequin-type invariant for apparent contours.

[09/2008] M. Buratti and A. Pasotti [mail]
Combinatorial designs and the Theorem of Weil on multiplicative character sums, Finite Fields Appl. 15 (2009), 332-344.

[10/2008] A. Salvadori [mail]
Analytical integrations in 3D BEM for elliptic problems: evaluation and implementation.

[11/2008] D. Boffi [mail], L. Gastaldi [mail], and L. Heltai
On the CFL condition for the finite element immersed boundary method.

[12/2008] L.J. Gray, F. Pizzocolo, and A. Salvadori [mail]
The evaluation of derivatives at the boundary and the Helmholtz decomposition for boundary integral equations..

[13/2008] C. Banfi [mail]
Modello matematico per lo studio della Termofisica.

[14/2008] E. Rocca and R. Rossi [mail]
Global existence of strong solutions to the one-dimensional full model for phase transitions in thermoviscoelastic materials.

[15/2008] C. Giorgi [mail], M.G. Naso [mail], and V. Pata
Global attractors for the extensible thermoelastic beam system, J. Differential Equations 246 (2009), 3496-3517.

[16/2008] M. Fabrizio, C. Giorgi [mail], and A. Morro
A thermodynamic approach to ferromagnetism and phase transitions, Internat. J. Engrg. Sci. 49 (2009), 821-839.

[17/2008] M. Coti Zelati, C. Giorgi [mail], and V. Pata
Steady states of the hinged extensible beam with external load, Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. 20 (2010), 43-58.

[18/2008] V. Berti, M. Fabrizio, and C. Giorgi [mail]
A three-dimensional phase transition model in ferromagnetism: existence and uniqueness, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 355 (2009), 661-674.

[19/2008] A. Mielke, R. Rossi [mail], and G. Savare
Modeling solutions with jumps for rate-independent systems on metric spaces.

[20/2008] R.M. Colombo [mail], M. Mercier, and M.D. Rosini
Stability and Total Variation Estimates on General Scalar Balance Laws.

[21/2008] G. Bellettini [mail], V. Beorchia [mail], and M. Paolini [mail]
Completion of visible contours.

[22/2008] J. Alsalaet, E. Bosco, A. Carini, F. Mordenti, A. Salvadori [mail], and A. Temponi
Analytical integrations in 3D BEM for hyperbolic problems on rectangular panels.

[23/2008] A. Pasotti [mail]
Constructions for cyclic Moebius ladder systems.

[24/2008] A. Berti [mail] and C. Giorgi [mail]
A phase-field model for liquid-vapor transitions, J. Non-Equilibrium Thermodyn. 34 (2009), 219-247.

[25/2008] V.L. Vassiliev and M.A. Vsemirnov
On the (2,3)-generation of low-dimensional symplectic groups over integers.

[26/2008] J.-F. Coulombel [mail] and P. Secchi [mail]
Uniqueness of 2-D compressible vortex sheets, Commun. Pure Appl. Anal. 8 (2009), 1439-1450.

[27/2008] A. Morando [mail], P. Secchi [mail], and P. Trebeschi [mail]
Regularity of solutions to characteristic initial-boundary value problems, J. Hyperbolic Differ. Equ., in press.

[28/2008] C. Franchi [mail] and M. Mainardis
An addendum to: a characterization of HN.

[29/2008] I. Bochicchio and E. Vuk [mail]
Longtime behavior of an extensible elastic beam on a viscoelastic foundation.

[30/2008] M. Vsemirnov [mail]
On (2,3)-generation of small rank matrix groups over integers.


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