Quaderni del Seminario Matematico: 2004

ISSN: 2039-120X

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[01/2004] E. Damian and A. Lucchini [mail]
Recognizing the alternating groups from their probabilistic zeta function.

[02/2004] P. Gervasio [mail], F. Saleri, and A. Veneziani
High order algebraic fractional step schemes for spectral methods., J. Comput. Phys., Submitted.

[03/2004] A. Lucchini [mail]
The $X$-Dirichlet polynomial of a finite group.

[04/2004] E. Damian
Minimal presentations for a loop Lie algebra of $sl_2(C)$.

[05/2004] J.E. Munoz Rivera and M.G. Naso [mail]
Exact controllability for hyperbolic thermoelastic systems with large memory, Adv. Differential Equations 9 (2004), 1369-1394.

[06/2004] E. Damian
Looking for examples of finitely presented Lie algebras with entropy one.

[07/2004] C. Giorgi [mail], M.G. Naso [mail], and V. Pata
Energy decay of electromagnetic systems with memory, Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. 15 (10) (2005), 1489-1502.

[08/2004] E. Detomi and A. Lucchini [mail]
Probabilistic non-generators in profinite groups.

[09/2004] S. Gatti and E. Vuk [mail]
Singular limit of equations for linear viscoelastic fluids with periodic boundary conditions, Int. J. Non-Linear Mechanics 41 (2006), 518-526.

[10/2004] D. Boffi [mail] and L. Gastaldi [mail]
Analysis of finite element approximation of evolution problems in mixed form.

[11/2004] D. Boffi [mail], M. Conforti, and L. Gastaldi [mail]
Modified edge finite elements for photonic crystals, Numer. Math. 105 (2006), 249-266.

[12/2004] E. Damian and A. Lucchini [mail]
A probabilistic generalization of subnormality.

[13/2004] R.M. Colombo [mail] and P. Gwiazda
L1 Stability of Semigroups with respect to their Generators.

[14/2004] R.M. Colombo [mail] and M. D. Rosini
Pedestrian Flows and Nonclassical Shocks.

[15/2004] R.M. Colombo [mail] and P. Gwiazda
Sensitivity from the Constitutive Relations in Materials with Memory.

[16/2004] V. Belleri
Asymptotic behaviour of integrodifferential equation on the whole space.

[17/2004] A. Benini
PBIBDs from weakly divisible nearrings and related codes.

[18/2004] M.G. Naso [mail]
Controllability to trajectories for semilinear thermoelastic plates, Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. suppl. (2005), 672-681.

[19/2004] P. Gervasio [mail] and F. Saleri
Algebraic fractional-step schemes for time-dependent incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.

[20/2004] G. Bonfanti [mail] and F. Luterotti [mail]
Global solution to a phase transition model with microscopic movements and accelerations in one space dimension.

[21/2004] S. Gatti, C. Giorgi [mail], and V. Pata
Navier-Stokes limit of Jeffreys type flows, Physica D 203 (2005), 55-79.

[22/2004] V.I. Agoshkov, P. Gervasio [mail], and A. Quarteroni
Optimal Control in Heterogeneous Domain Decomposition Methods.

[23/2004] R.M. Colombo [mail] and M. D. Rosini
Well Posedness of Balance Laws with Boundary.

[24/2004] C. Giorgi [mail] and F.M. Vegni [mail]
The longtime behavior of a nonlinear Mindlin-Timoshenko plate with exponentially decreasing memory kernels, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 326 (2007), 754-771.

[25/2004] F. Maggioni [mail]
The K-loop of the hyperbolic plane and its automorphisms.

[26/2004] H. Karzel and S. Pianta [mail]
Left loops, bipartite graphs with parallelism and bipartite involution sets, Abh. Math. Sem. Univ. Hamburg 75 (2005), 203-214.


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