Quaderni del Seminario Matematico: 2010

ISSN: 2039-120X

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[01/2010] M. Discacciati, P. Gervasio [mail], and A. Quarteroni
Heterogeneous mathematical models in fluid dynamics and associated solution algorithms.

[02/2010] M. Grasselli, A. Miranville, R. Rossi [mail], and G. Schimperna [mail]
Analysis of the Cahn-Hilliard equation with a chemical potential dependent mobility.

[03/2010] A. Carini and A. Salvadori [mail]
Minimum theorems in incremental linear elastic fracture mechanics.

[04/2010] C. Franchi [mail]
On a conjecture by Kovacs and Praeger on the minimal degree of a permutation representation.

[05/2010] A. Morando [mail] and P. Secchi [mail]
Regularity of weakly well posed hyperbolic mixed problems with characteristic boundary.

[06/2010] A. Morando [mail] and P. Secchi [mail]
Regularity of weakly well posed characteristic boundary value problems.

[07/2010] R. Rossi [mail] and T. Roubicek
Thermodynamics and analysis of rate-independent adhesive contact at small strains.

[08/2010] A. Benini, L. Giuzzi [mail], and A. Pasotti [mail]
Down-linking (K_v,Γ)-designs to P_3-designs.

[09/2010] A. Salvadori [mail]
On the crack kinking in brittle materials.

[10/2010] A. Pasotti [mail]
A new class of graceful labelings.

[11/2010] G. Giusteri [mail], A. Marzocchi [mail], and A. Musesti [mail]
Three-dimensional nonsimple viscous liquids dragged by one-dimensional immersed bodies.

[12/2010] F. Bonenti and M. Marchi [mail]
La nozione intuitiva di infinito e le sue possibili precisazioni. Il caso dell'aritmetica e della geometria..

[13/2010] M. Fabrizio, C. Giorgi [mail], and A. Morro
Phase separation in quasi-incompressible Cahn-Hilliard fluids, Eur. J. Mech. B Fluids 30 (2011), 281287..

[14/2010] R.M. Colombo [mail], P. Goatin, and M.D. Rosini
On the Modeling and Management of Traffic.

[15/2010] A. Cattani, R.M. Colombo [mail], and G. Guerra
A Hyperbolic Model for Granular Flow.

[16/2010] A. Carini, L.J. Gray, A.R. Ingraffea, A. Salvadori [mail], and P.A. Wawrzynek
On the mixed mode growth of brittle and interface cracks..

[17/2010] D. Catania [mail]
Length-scale estimates for the 3D Simplified Bardina MHD.

[18/2010] L. Giuzzi [mail] and G. Korchmaros
Unitals in $PG(2,q^2)$ with a large 2-point stabiliser.

[19/2010] S. Pasotti [mail] and E. Zizioli [mail]
Loops with inverses constructed by a class of regular permutation sets.

[20/2010] A. Maroti and M.C. Tamburini Bellani [mail]
Bounds for the probability of generating the symmetric and alternating groups.


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