Quaderni del Seminario Matematico: 2011

ISSN: 2039-120X

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[01/2011] M. Degiovanni [mail] and M. Scaglia
A variational approach to semilinear elliptic equations with measure data, Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 31 (2011), 1233-1248.

[02/2011] S. Costa and S. Pianta [mail]
On k-symmetries of hyperbolic spaces, Differential Geom. Appl. 31, no. 5 (2013), 639-642.

[03/2011] M.A. Pellegrini [mail], M.C. Tamburini Bellani [mail], and M.A. Vsemirnov
Uniform (2,k)-generation of the 4-dimensional classical groups.

[04/2011] D. Catania [mail]
Global Attractor and Determining Modes for a Hyperbolic MHD Turbulence Model.

[05/2011] P. Blanco, P. Gervasio [mail], and A. Quarteroni
Extended variational formulation for heterogeneous partial differential equations.

[06/2011] A. Mielke, R. Rossi [mail], and G. Savaré
Nonsmooth analysis of doubly nonlinear evolution equations.

[07/2011] G. Francfort, A. Giacomini [mail], and A. Musesti [mail]
On the Fleck and Willis homogenization procedure in strain gradient plasticity.

[08/2011] S. Costa and S. Pianta [mail]
Kikkawa left loops and symmetric 2-structures.

[09/2011] A. Benini, L. Giuzzi [mail], and A. Pasotti [mail]
New results on path-decompositions and their down-links.

[10/2011] J. Babadjian and A. Giacomini [mail]
Existence of strong solutions for quasi-static evolution in brittle fracture.

[11/2011] G. Francfort and A. Giacomini [mail]
Small Strain Heterogeneous Elasto-Plasticity Revisited.

[12/2011] E. Bonetti, G. Bonfanti [mail], and R. Rossi [mail]
Analysis of a unilateral contact problem taking into account adhesion and friction.

[13/2011] M.C. Tamburini Bellani [mail]
Some remarks on regular subgroups of the affine group.

[14/2011] R. Rossi [mail], G. Savaré, A. Segatti, and U. Stefanelli [mail]
A variational principle for gradient flows in metric spaces.

[15/2011] L. Giuzzi [mail] and V. Pepe
Families of twisted tensor product codes, Submitted.

[16/2011] A. Pasotti [mail]
On $d$-divisible graceful $\alpha$-labelings of $C_{4k}\times P_m$.

[17/2011] D. Knees, R. Rossi [mail], and C. Zanini
A vanishing viscosity approach to a rate-independent damage model.

[18/2011] R. Rossi [mail] and G. Savaré
A characterization of energetic and BV solutions to one-dimensional rate-independent systems.

[19/2011] M. Degiovanni [mail]
On topological Morse theory, J. Fixed Point Theory Appl. 10 (2011), 197-218.

[20/2011] A. Benini and A. Pasotti [mail]
$\alpha$-labelings of generalized Petersen graphs.

[21/2011] O. Bottauscio, V. Chiadò Piat, M. Eleuteri, L. Lussardi [mail], and A. Manzin
Determination of the equivalent anisotropy properties of polycrystalline magnetic materials: theoretical aspects and numerical analysis.

[22/2011] I. Bochicchio, C. Giorgi [mail], and E. Vuk [mail]
Longterm dynamics of the coupled suspension bridge system, Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. 22 (2012), 1250021 (22 pages).

[23/2011] A. Berti [mail], C. Giorgi [mail], and E. Vuk [mail]
Free energies and pseudo-elastic transitions for shape memory alloys, Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. S 6 (2013), 293-316.

[24/2011] M. Fabrizio, C. Giorgi [mail], and A. Morro
Phase separation in compressible Cahn-Hilliard fluids.

[25/2011] L. Lussardi [mail]
Geometria iperbolica e Architettura.

[26/2011] R. Rossi [mail] and T. Roubicek
Adhesive contact delaminating at mixed mode, its thermodynamics and analysis.

[27/2011] M. Buratti, A. Pasotti [mail], and D. Wu
On optimal (v,5,2,1) optical orthogonal codes.

[28/2011] R.M. Colombo [mail] and N. Pogodaev
Confinement Strategies in a Model for the Interaction between Individuals and a Continuum.

[29/2011] H. Karzel, S. Pasotti [mail], and S. Pianta [mail]
A new class of fibered loops related to hyperbolic planes, Aequat. Math. 87, Issue 1-2 (2014), 31-42.

[30/2011] D. Boffi [mail], N. Cavallini, and L. Gastaldi [mail]
Finite element approach to immersed boundary method with different fluid and solid densities.

[31/2011] A. Fermi
An introduction to foliations and groupoids.

[32/2011] P. Secchi [mail] and Y. Trakhinin
Well-posedness of the linearized plasma-vacuum interface problem, Interfaces Free Bound. 15 (2013), 323-357.


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